Accident Benefit Issues

  • Independent Medical Examinations – How can you help clients understand what to expect?
  • Is this Traumatic Brain Injury Catastrophic? – The Million Dollar Question.
  • Increased AB Denials – Strategies in advocating for brokerage, preparation/communication time and documentation/report writing.
  • Are you missing the important things in your clinical notes and records? What insurance companies are looking for to approve further treatment?


Recent up-dates in the law

  • Get an up-date on LAT decisions and how they may be affecting client benefits and your delivery of health care.
  • New Auto Insurance Changes – What can we expect from the upcoming changes?
  • How the Simplified Rules changes in the Superior Court will impact your expert reports?
  • Tomec v Economical: Court of Appeal puts an end to an insurer’s practice of denying underlying ABs that only exist if someone is catastrophic and then relying on the two year limitation when the insured is deemed catastrophic.


Panel Discussion

  • Listen directly from Insurer Representatives with a Q&A period.


Advances in Treatment

  • Moving Beyond Diagnosis: Objectively Assessing Neurocognitive Consequences of Concussion
  • The buzz around Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) in upper extremity rehab: Incorporating FES into your clinical toolkit.
  • Strategies to manage changes in behaviour following TBI – which can result in dysregulation, disinhibition (lack of filter) or confabulation.  Just a few of the many changes that can occur.
  • Swipe Write:  Can Smart Data Help Drive Fair Outcomes for Rehab?


A Myriad of Matters that may affect you and your clients

  • Finding more income for our clients: Increasing a client’s best chances of approval in CPP Disability?
  • OTs as Psychotherapists Explained.
  • How to support a client with ensuring that they are receiving the best care and advocacy?
  • Are you saving taxes and reducing your audit risk as a Health Care Practitioner?
  • Giving expert testimony at an iPad personal injury trial? Preparation and providing evidence.
  • Post-Concussion Syndrome and Long-term disability claims.

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